How to Write an Analytical Paper with Topic Samples

Research or academic papers always come in different forms. For instance, your professor can give you an analytical research paper. When such happens, how do you begin? Maybe you have written other academic papers, and you have a rough idea of what the research entails. However, an analytical paper means you follow a specific structure and deliver your research findings in a clear format.

In this guide, you will explore what an analytical paper is, what it is all about, and how to structure the whole content. Be sure to also learn about some analytical research paper topics examples.

A simplified analytical paper meaning

Being able to craft a perfect analytical paper isn’t just beneficial for exam purposes. After studies, the skills you learn through writing analytical papers play a significant role in ensuring you make correct decisions in life.

An analytical paper is an academic paper assigned to a student, mostly in colleges, to analyze a specific concept or topic. The topics vary, and it can be about developing stories, events, a certain historical happening, a movie, or even a book. When writing such a paper, don’t include emotional feelings, but base your analysis using factual evidence. Don’t confuse analytical and persuasive; they might seem similar, but in the case of persuasive research, you need to base your argument on one side, while when presenting analytical arguments, you must include both sides. The reader must understand your take on both sides, but when concluding, tell the reader where you approve or disapprove of your analysis.

Practical tips on how to write an analytical paper

Should you get a question asking you to do an analysis of a given topic, you can use the following tips to ensure you get your facts right and present the right paper when submitting:

1. Understand what is an analytical paper first before doing research

As mentioned before, academic papers come in different forms. How you present, your argumentative or expository paper isn’t the same way you will present your analytical paper. As much as the structure and formatting requirements might match in one way, the presentation differs to some extent. So, ensure you, first of all, define what is an analytical paper before you begin researching.

2. Create an analytical paper outline

One of the best ways to write a clean and well-edited analytical research paper for submission is to create an outline first. Avoid indulging directly in the research once you have your topic. An outline is a simplified rough draft of what you will include in your final paper. Include the required sections, including the introduction, main body, and the conclusion part. Remember to also insert some references for easy location when you want to refer something.

3. Choose the best analytical research paper topics

One more thing, a good topic will determine what your paper will be like. When you have the freedom to select the topic, take time, and don’t settle for any topic that comes to your mind. A bit of research will enable you to settle for a perfect topic. Check different sites; you will realize common topics that other students have already done. Try and avoid such topics.

Note: As much as you want a unique topic, avoid complex topics that will make you fail to generate enough content.

Some examples of analytical research paper topics include:

  1. How to stop gambling addiction
  2. What causes acne in teens?
  3. Why is Life in the Dessert Hard?
  4. Reasons why Parents don’t Understand their Children
  5. Distinguishing a bad person from a good person
  6. Why do People Feel Lazy when about to do House Chores?
  7. What makes Some areas in the City Dangerous?
  8. What is the Impact of Higher Education on a Successful Life?
  9. Why do People Rob?
  10. Do you Think Immigrants and Citizens should be Treated Equally?

4. Know how to use an analytical paper rubric

An analytical paper rubric is a device tutors use to access the performance level of a student in a paper. Sometimes, you can rate yourself using this criterion before submitting your paper. This move will give you confidence in your paper even before you submit it.


Writing different research papers requires you to have a deeper understanding of the details of a paper before you start the research process. Hoping you have learned something about writing an analytical paper.

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