Research Writing Guide on How to Format a Paper in MLA

When handling different research papers, you will have to format them in different styles based on the teacher’s requirements. For instance, the requirements can state that you use an MLA format research paper before submitting your work. In this case, you cannot opt for any other style since the professors award marks based on how you followed the instructions.

The purpose of formatting your paper using a given style helps the reader to know that you did the research, got the required content, and delivered it as required. Other common citation styles include Chicago, ML, and APA. All these styles have some variations that differentiate them. This article will explain to you how to title MLA paper before presenting it to your teacher. So, have you been struggling to cite your paper appropriately, especially an MLA format research paper? Then keep reading.

How to write a research paper outline MLA

When the instructions require you to use an MLA format for your paper, you need to create an outline first so that you know what you will include in your final paper. However, before writing the outline, you must know what it entails. This outline will not only help you through your writing, but your professors also use these outlines when awarding marks. Like any other academic paper, your outline should have a clear format.

Fortunately, the MLA outline format is incredibly simple and easy to follow. Using this outline format will help the writer to think about the assignment and decide what he is going to write about and how to divide the topics within the research paper.

The best aspect of the MLA format research paper outline is that it is simple to generate. You will only need to know how to title the headings and how to number them, as illustrated below:

For main headings- use Roman numerals (You need to have a minimum of 3 main headings in the outline).

Each heading should have a paragraph throughout the essay relating directly to the thesis. When writing the main headings in the outline, they should e in the same order as the one you will include in the final draft.

Each main heading should have a minimum of two subheadings to support the concept in the main heading.

Proven tips to help you an MLA student paper

An MLA format research paper will enable the reader to understand the key points of your paper through the reference provided and the citations provided. The following tips will help you do the right thing when handlings an MLA format research paper:

1. Know how to write an MLA paper title

When marking a research paper, the professors will always start with the title. How you put your title, depending on the paper style, plays a significant role in ensuring you score good marks. So, when writing an MLA paper title, ensure you center the titles, include double space, and above all, avoid italicizing, underlining, and putting quotation marks in your titles. Again, use a standard capitalization to give your title a clear look.

Note: You can only use italic and quotation marks in your title when reefing to other works.

2. Check through an MLA format paper template

The research paper template will give you a clear structure and format you should use on your final paper. If you ever feel stuck, you can always refer to such a template as you write your paper. You can get such templates from online platforms, your school library, or ask your professor for one.

3. Get good MLA research paper topic ideas

A good paper is always defined by the type of topic. When writing your MLA student paper, start by choosing a unique and researchable topic. Avoid common topics that other students have done over and over again. Also, avoid extremely complex topics as they will give you a hard time generating content.

4. Create an MLA research paper outline

Another practical tip that will help you through your MLA paper is creating an outline first before you create the final paper for submission. This will give you room to adjust anything on your final paper without interfering with the content and the structure.


If you have been struggling with your MLA format research paper, now you know how easy writing such a paper can be when you put the above tips in mind. 

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